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Face shields for flash, heat, and effect any pathogen  obstruction are accessible at Precult for your business. The light-weight, solid polycarbonate face shields offers effective protection and are heat proof. Mylar and acetic acid derivation visors are glare and scratch safe. Head protectors and shield include replaceable window frameworks with discretionary hard-cap connectors.

We offer full and short face shields, face shields with veils, even face shields that can be used with reusable casings. Our different face shields offer various kinds of assurance.

Applications : Protects the face from aerosols containing virus and bacteria and other contamination in the air.


Color :


Material :


Type :

 Full face cover

Reusable    :


Product Specifications​

Optical class 1 visor for clear and undistorted vision
Clear plastic &  Fog resistant
Completely cover the face
Protect against flying particles or aerosols
Adjustable head band
Indirectly vented &  Lightweight   


ISO Certified | CE Certified



ISO Certified | CE Certified

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