How Infrared Thermometers Prevent Against COVID-19

By Admin 09 Jul 2020

The infrared thermometer works using an infrared sensor. The sensor measures surface temperature from a distance without touching the skin. A basic model measures the temperature by pointing over the central forehead. You have to hold it approximately 3 cm from the body surface.


Infrared thermometers usually have a lens to focus infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile. The thermopile takes the infrared radiation and turns it into heat. The more infrared energy, the hotter the thermopile. This heat is turned into electricity. The electricity is sent to a detector, which uses it to determine the temperature of the object where the thermometer is pointed at.


How infrared thermometers Prevent against COVID-19


Regular temperature screening can reduce the chances of spreading of COVID.  As a result, the thermometers have become an important part of effective COVID defense mechanism.  Inferred thermometers are more powerful because of their sensing technology which allows to determining temperature from a distance through radiation. These radiations measure the heat emitting from human body quickly and accurately. These handy devices determine the heat radiating from human body without touching human body and pretty safe to use during this deadly outbreak. They are accurate, quick and reliable. They come in gun form and very easy to use.


The most common infrared thermometer is that the spot infrared pyrometer or infrared pyrometer, which measures the temperature at a spot on a surface (actually a comparatively small area determined by the D:S ratio). These are usually project a clear red dot onto the middle of the area being measured that identifies the spot being measured, but play no part within the measurement. The actual angular area being measured varies among instruments and isn’t restricted to the visible spot.


These devices are widely used in hospitals, entrance point of malls and shops and also used by offices which help to measure temperature and helps to prevent against COVID infected persons.


Benefits of Non-contact infrared thermometers:


  • 1.      Infrared thermometer non-contact device can quickly measure and display a temperature reading so a large number of people can be evaluated individually at points of entry.

    2.      Non-contact infrared thermometers require minimal cleaning between uses.

    3.     Using non-contact Infrared thermometer may help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 infections.


How is infrared thermometer used to determine temperature?


All matter emits energy in the form of IR (heat). If there’s a temperature difference between objects, including the encompassing environment, then this gradient are often measured and used. If the object in question is at the same temperature as its surroundings, the net radiation energy exchange will be zero. In either case, the characteristic spectrum of the radiation depends on the object and the surrounding absolute temperature. Handheld IR thermometers take advantage of this "radiation dependence" on temperature to produce a value for the targeted object and to display the results for the operator to read.


IR light works like visible light it are often focused, reflected or absorbed. Handheld IR thermometers typically have a lens to focus light from one object onto a detector, called a thermopile. The thermopile takes the IR radiation and turns it into heat. The more IR energy, the hotter the thermopile. This heat is turned into electricity. The more electricity, the hotter the object. The higher the temperature, the higher the reading shows.