Beds Bed Restraint Assistance Devices Medical Restraints Vest Straps Elderly Patient Anti-Fall Bed Safety Soft Padded Cushion Belt for Use with Hospital Bed Rails,Wheelchair or Chair

ISO Certified ISO 9001:2001
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  • 【WHAT IS THIS?】Medical Restraints Straps - Designed for persons who suffering from spasticity or seizures while in a wheelchair or in bed, waist and abdomen protective restraint.
  • 【WHAT IS THE FUNCTION?】The Restraints Vest Prevent the Patient Fall and Anti-Slip. And remove the worries and concerns of nurse and guardian. Prevent people with allergies from harming their skin.
  • 【WHERE CAN I USE IT?】Hospital bed, Nursing care bed, bed with bed rail, wheelchair
  • 【HOW TO USE?】Easy to Use - Restraining strap is first wrapped around the patient's waist, and the extra length straps are wrapped around the bed rails, wheelchair or chair.
  • 【WHO IS IT FOR?】Fits for patients of senile dementia, restless syndrome, sleep aggression, postoperative patients, psychopath and other needs to restrain the crowd.