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N 95 Masks | KN95 Masks | 3 Ply Face Masks | 2 Ply Face Masks | Surgical Masks | FFP1 | FFP2 | Sanitizer | PPE Kit | Hazmat Suit | Face Shield | Surgical Gloves | Surgical Goggles | Shoe Cover | Infrared Thermometer | COVID Test Kit Most Viewed Health Articles:


Welcome to Precult.com!

Wth the surge in demand for PPEs and sanitizers amid this catastrophe, there has been a crisis for these products. Either the existing company mass-produces these products or new companies need to be established. We, at Precult will not only help you with the products and raw materials but also provide you with the necessary consultations on how to establish your own firm. This would encourage more companies and thus more production.


Get doorstep delivery of Personal Protective Equipments and other products!

You are one click away from getting sanitizers, masks and other personal protective equipments and COVID-19 Test Kit at your doorstep. We make sure every business dealing with protective products from COVID-19 are well equipped with through us, so that there is no shortage of these supplies in the country as well as across the globe. Buy our products sitting in the comfort of your home with reasonable and affordable prices from our most trusted suppliers across India. Do not worry regarding product specifications and quality, we provide you with a range of products with premium quality and with all the specification details you need. Apart from the online portal, we have a professional team, who helps you with your queries regarding certification and other specifications.


COVID Test Kit

We are now providing you with COVID-19 Test Kits from WHO Certified firms to help you ease the one who are in need. By providing COVID-19 Diagnosis kit, we provide our support for the crisis of COVID tests happening in our country per day. Import Export License Consultation When highlighting your company on a global platform, the process seems tedious and most of you must be oblivious of the compliances needed for that. Precult makes that process hassle free by providing you with expert advisory on getting your products in the international market.


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